Queen Bee Vent Charm.
Queen Bee Vent Charm.
Queen Bee Vent Charm.
Queen Bee Vent Charm.
Queen Bee Vent Charm.

Queen Bee Vent Charm

Embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Part#: SWR-0949

$19.99 was $29.99


Product Description

Stand out as queen of the hive with a bee-autiful charm that radiates grace, swiftness, and power. The Queen Bee Vent Charm shines with hand-crafted detail, a luxurious rose gold finish, and embellished with premium Swarovski® crystals.

Each charm is molded by hand with incredible attention to detail - you deserve it, girl! Overlapping wings are textured with dots, the legs are beveled with realistic lines, and the back is embellished with shimmering gems. As the sunshine hits the main Swarovski® crystal, it shines with your own personal rainbow show.

Carefully slide the molded iron clip into the vent and you’re all set. Remove the charm any time you are using your heater. To remove it, simply pull the charm by the white clips, not the broach, and it will slide right out.


  • Trendy rose gold finish
  • Beautifully textured bee wings
  • Embellished with Swarovski Crystals
  • Ultra-strong iron vent clip
  • Universal car vent clip design

Size: 1.5” (l) x 1.75” (w) x 1.25” (h)

*All vent charms should be removed prior to using heater in the car

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